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Keeping the eye on the current trend and developing the strategies in accordance with that. We have more than 15 years of experience. We often disrupt the old way of doing things and innovate to stay relevant. Innovation is part of our process and we set high benchmark every time. For us, innovation is not merely a word but it is our attitude.

Team of Skilled Professionals

All our hardworking staff members are always motivated and the internal competition among them which rates them on a “high achievers” list makes them much more determinant in providing the best services for classified demands of our clients in the world. Everyone in our team works as a team, not as an individual. Our team of skilled professional knows how to build and win the trust and faith of our esteemed clients. And this has ensured the total satisfaction of our clients after sale services. The rapid growth of our company offices and network of employees is a clear reflection of our capabilities to understand the customer’s philosophy and psychology of business. We can proudly say that Digits Global is more of a family rather than a team.

Client Relation

It can be daunting to figure out what anything means in digital marketing. While having a conversation online about your brand is great, it can be hard to figure out what to do with that conversation. The reports we create for you are tailored specifically to how your brand can take advantage of the results being achieved and help you understand what it all means. We help you draw meaningful conclusions from your online content and engagement to help you get the most value out of your social media marketing campaign.

Reputation Management

Having a presence on social media means opening your business up to criticism. Our social media experts analyze online conversations about your brand to identify potential issues or negative experiences in order to communicate with your team and rectify the situation to protect your brand image.


Industry Experience


We carry a very large portfolio from Top Brands to startups. Our team has experience in working with more than 15 industries across the Globe.


About Us

We are a digital agency that helps brands achieve their business outcomes. We help brands engage their customers more meaningfully by integrating multiple platforms such as web and mobile to create a truly 360° experience.

Marketing today is undergoing a paradigm shift – from traditionally being a ‘pay to play’ model where large companies could get away without actually engaging their clients. The true democratization of content and opinions started by the internet has been fast-forwarded by the explosive growth of social media. This is the first time that smaller companies without the bottomless marketing budgets can actually look at going head to head with competitors. The traditional ‘smoke and mirrors’ approach will no longer work when consumers have access to both the media and the networks to make themselves heard.

Sometime in the near future, we’ll access our TV, internet, phone, radio, music, photos, videos and more through a single appliance of our choice. The companies that understand this and the coming change in how people use technologies to gather information and make decisions will be the ones who succeed. DDS trending articles and info graphics have been recognized, referred to, and syndicated by other businesses, marketers and universities in the B2B and B2C marketing arenas.

DDS offers the most effective multi-channel and multi-platform Internet marketing services that will help your brand, products, and services reach their full marketing reach and potential.

These services include:

  • Lead Generation Services
  • Content Marketing Services
  • Search Engine Marketing via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local SEO Services
  • Facebook Paid Marketing Management
  • Social Media Marketing and Optimization
  • Responsive and Non-responsive Website Design and Development services
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Info graphic Design and Creation

Here at DDS, our goal is to serve you to the best of our abilities and provide you with the highest levels of professionalism and quality services for your money’s worth. Use our services today and experience the difference with DDS.

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Design communicates brand

Campaigns are about raising the profile of brands or moving customers in a specific direction to buy a company’s products or services. One of the critical elements of getting people to buy is trust. Brands are essentially the way that customers code a specific offering in their minds: this brand represents quality and luxury, or this brand represents comfort and value. Regardless of what your target customers hold in highest esteem, a brand is shorthand for that. Every piece of creative you release — blog posts, brochures, Google PPC campaigns or booths at trade shows — says something about a brand. If the design is less than professional and aligned with the brand’s core messaging, it can undermine years of work and good impressions. By contrast, good design speaks volumes to a company’s professionalism, quality and positioning in the market.

Good design raises visibility.

Even the best campaign only gets traction if it stands out. It has to rise above the noise of all the other competing signals from advertisers and content producers. It then has to catch the attention of the right prospect and hold it. Depending on the goals of your campaign and your target audience, the design required to do this may vary. Does a stark, minimalistic approach resonate with your audience, or is it a flashy, borderline-tacky look and feel that would work best? Whatever it is, great design helps you speak to your prospects in a memorable way, and it stands the best chance of getting your campaign noticed.

Design drives conversions.

If your clients have thought at all about conversions, it’s likely that they’ve thought in terms of sales numbers or copywriting with a call to action. Many people fail to appreciate how psychologically compelling design is. Where does a viewer’s eye fall on a page? What emotions do the photographs, colors and layouts that you chose evoke? Does one area — the most important takeaway — stand out above everything else? Good design can take a masterfully crafted pitch or concept and add gasoline to its ability to drive conversions.

Design reinforces messaging.

A well-done design will underscore the messaging that you hope to convey. This links to the argument on the importance of design in branding, but it’s also about the power of design to drive home a message and evoke a response. Consider the case of a nonprofit that’s fundraising or simply getting out the word about its cause. A few carefully chosen images can say more to a potential sponsor than hundreds of words of copy on the same issue.


We love to provide you the buffet of Digital Marketing and Social Media. Our team comprises a young, enthusiastic group of digital-savvy professionals and passionate social media marketers. We keep eagles eye on latest trends in digital marketing and social media and evolving the offerings according to that, that’s why we are able to offer the most dynamic and engagement-worthy solutions to our clients.


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  • Linda Jacobson
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    Medical Devices manufacturing company at Canada

    I was looking for some elaborated details on blood bag got a reference from my colleague about them, and I was very much satisfied with the data on market segmentation and insights about global market, asked them if I can get it more customised hence they did elaborated it to huge 400 pages deep report in one week.Thanks guys will be back in future.

  • Mike Simmons
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    Heavy machinery manufacturing company

    Did purchased a report from one of the vendor on Artificial Lift Market and I was depressed to see the very standard type of data included in the report, then again went back to hunt for something valuable and data driven report they asked me each and every details I want to see over the report and after a week of time got what I was looking for so not hesitant to refer back to them. Thanks victor for being prompt and professional.

  • Anna Stevenson
    Business Owner

    freelance software developer

    It’s been 8 years now I am developing and designing software as a freelance for various small and large scale organisations around globe and wanted to start my own software development consultancy firm, and I got hooked to their Mobile application market report and after a very thorough understanding of the report I have stepped my start-up into the customised mobile software market at Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.Thanks to Lee the Boss analyst  and victor for small discount.

  • Josh Bernard
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    Deals on customised automobile at USA

    I am one of the biggest enthusiast for custom jobs on cars, trucks and ships since childhood, so I own a custom automobile designing company and I was blown off to see beautiful custom paint work done on a Ford at one of the event and since that day I wanted to offer the same to my clients as well but I was not having too much of information on Electric paints, and fortunately I received message on LinkedIn from Data N Analysis team about their service, and now I am stuck  with three research report and contract signed for digital marketing as well. (Best of luck guys).

  • Neo Yang
    Chief Technical Officer

    Electronics Manufacturing company at Malaysia.

    Great team to have as a consultant, very sensible and professional service provided as per the scheduled timeline, what I like most about them is that they are straight forward with quality of service so if you are in hurry they will just say sorry we can’t compromise with our work. Look forward for more inputs guy’s thanks.